My Story Part Seven: The one where I moved a lot.

Welcome back!  I tried so darn hard to get some photo gems for this post. But during a time of Myspace and Photobucket, it was a huge struggle! Oh well! And after lots of medical talk, it’s time to do some housekeeping on what was happening in my home and social life the next couple of years.

My Story Part Five and Six 2

My family moved from an apartment into a new house the summer after my seventh grade year.  A few months after the move, my parents split up and so did my family.  I went to live with my mom about 40 miles away from McKinney in the Denton area at my aunt’s house and my little brother stayed in McKinney with my dad.

While this was very unfortunate and stressful, the change in schools in the middle of my eighth grade year helped me find some really great new friends.  I absolutely loved going to school in Lake Dallas.  I was only there for a semester, but while I was there I met one of my lifelong friends, Jordan.

My Story Part Seven Jo

We spent nearly all of our free time together and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!  We even survived a weekend together while Jordan had to take care of one of those fake babies for school – one of those that cries constantly and you can’t get away from because you have the bracelet that is the only thing that makes it happy.  We also spent a ton of time working on our Myspace profiles, which is absolutely ridiculous in hindsight.  In addition to that, we took tons of photos that were solely for Myspace as well.  Oh, and we picked the perfect songs for our Myspace.  You know all the important things!

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