My Story Part Eight: The one where I find art and graduate

Welcome back!

My Story Part Eight 9

Let’s hop back into our story in May of 2010 with a huge update that I hadn’t been in the hospital since November of 2008!  That’s a really long stretch of time for me.  Of course, I still had the never-ending symptoms and missed a ton of school.  But I was learning what foods would work, how to more efficiently distribute my energy so that I didn’t wear myself out and keeping that straight ‘A’ student life alive.  All of this while managing my home health care visits, ordering TPN supplies weekly, keeping up with doctor appointments and doing my TPN set ups.

My Story Part Eight 2

Looking back, it’s pretty impressive that I was able to keep up with all of these things (mind you, I’d been doing this since day one of TPN when I was thirteen).  While some people would question why I was put in charge of everything, I’m really glad that my parents chose to give me these responsibilities because it wasn’t so mind boggling and terrifying when I got out on my own.  I knew my stuff and was confident in my knowledge and abilities.

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