The Story of Elway

I missed National Puppy Day due to travel, but I’m still going to share Elway’s adoption story!

Photo by Claudia Young

It was April 25, 2015, Anthony and I had talked about wanting a pup together for about a year. I honestly don’t remember the catalyst that led us to the shelter that day, but I’m so dang glad it happened the way that it did.

We had just moved into our first apartment that was just ours, and we were so excited to make it our own and bring a new love in to join us. elway 1

We walked the aisles of the shelter, there were so many cuties waiting for their forever home, which of course shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. I wanted to take all of them home. When we got to Elway’s kennel, he was the only baby in there who was laying down with his little face in his food bowl giving us puppy eyes, and we fell head over heels instantly.

elway 2
Elway, the day we met him at the shelter. He was so afraid.

We asked to meet him, and he was afraid and timid, but we knew he was ours. We drew an Easter egg our of an Easter basket that would tell us how much it would be to adopt him. I remember the man telling me to pick the blue one, so I did, and it said he was ten dollars. I would have paid a gazillion dollars that day, it was the best ten dollars I have ever spent in my entire life. Because that ten dollars sent me home with my very best friend.

It wasn’t instant best friends, because he was extremely afraid and really liked being on his own. He found refuge on a chair in our living room. He liked to sit in it all by himself, and if you went to sit beside him, he would calmly get up and go to another chair or the couch. He was a very independent little man for the first several months! It broke my heart, because I wanted him to know how much I loved him, but I knew he had a lot to get used to. elway 7.JPG

He was an awkward little guy, and didn’t seem to know what toys were, stairs, cars, human food, and nothing in a house seemed familiar to him. We don’t know where he spent the first two years of his life, but we assume he was alone and outdoors.elway 3

We showed him every day how much we loved him though. Took him to meet friends, took him to visit our families in other states (even though he hates cars with his entire existence which we thought he would grow out of, but clearly has not) and gave him as much attention as he seemed to be comfortable with.elway-6.jpg

He slowly but surely started to understand that we were his new home, and on the Fourth of July, as a zillion fireworks were exploding, he took his first steps towards cuddling. For the first couple months, he kept his distance and slept on the trunk at the food of our bed. But that night, he ran up to the top of our bed and has never slept anywhere else since! elway 5

One of the neatest things I’ve experienced has been watching Elway acclimate to a home with us. It’s amazing to think of whatever life he may have come from (trust me, I ask him to tell me about it daily, but his lips are apparently sealed) to our home where he can feel so loved and supported and have his needs met. I love him more than I could ever express, and I’m so glad to have my best friend to hangout with every single day.

He has his own Christmas ornament that he claimed as his own.untitled shoot04200Christmas2018

He’s become an expert at sleeping with pillows. DSC00234

He helps me work every day. Scary Mail00540Web

He’s an expert snuggler. untitled shoot04209Christmas2018

He knows how to work his mom for snacks.jen day09959Web

And he’s just overall changed my entire life, and I couldn’t imagine it without him in it. jen day00129WebI know you can’t read buddy, but I love you the most, and I’m going to remind you of that every single day.

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