Non-Mint Toothpaste Reviews

Hi! Several months ago I did a poll on Instagram asking if any others had issues with mint flavored toothpastes. Whether it be a taste preference, allergy, causing them to feel nauseous, and anything in between.

I’ve hated mint flavored toothpaste since I was a tiny child. I remember closing the bathroom door, running the water over my toothbrush and splashing water around to make it sound like I was brushing my teeth before going to school. Feeling pretty sorry for those who had to endure that breath… But listen, it made me wanna throw right up. The flavor and scent of mint makes me cringe, even at the thought of it.

Hence why I was a-ok to volunteer myself to test some other options available. Unfortunately there aren’t a ton. But I’ve rounded up five that I’d love to share with you today! These are in no particular order.

Let’s start with Colgate’s Strawberry Smash!jen day09887WebYes, this is intended for the younger crowd, but I pinky swear you that when I asked my dentist if she had any ideas for non-mint toothpastes, she suggested this one. And she also told me she uses it herself. So I felt okay including it here!

Taste: Sweet and artificial strawberry flavored candy-like. (I’m very into this.)

Texture: More gel-like than paste-like!

Convenience factor: Super easy! I bought this at Walmart, and could probably find it at most grocery stores.

How clean does it make my mouth feel: 3/5 stars

I like the flavor, and it doesn’t make me gag. So I give it 4/5 stars!

Here’s a link to Walmart’s listing for two 4.6 oz tubes for $7.32!

Next up, Schmidt’s Vanilla Chai Tooth+Mouth Paste!jen day09882WebListen, this packaging is absolutely beautiful. And it looked super great and wonderful at first glance, but unfortunately it didn’t live up to it’s packaging for me! It is a more natural toothpaste, which tended to not win me over much through these toothpaste trials.

Taste: This essentially tastes like some kind of no taste toothpaste. It does have a tiny hint of the chai flavor, a little tiny spice factor going on. I will say though, this is a great go to for when I am super nauseous because it has very little flavor.

Texture: I don’t super love the texture, it’s very pasty and gritty.

Convenience factor: I have not seen Schmidt’s at Target since I bought this. So not super convenient for where I am, but might be more readily available in other areas!

How clean does it make my mouth feel: 2/5 stars, not awesome.

For those reasons, I personally have to give this one a 2.5/5 stars. Bummer.

But here is a link to this paste on Schmidt’s website if you wanted to give it a try, it’s $5.99! I know I didn’t love it, but you may!

Next, let’s chat about Tom’s Outrageous Orange Mango.jen day09893WebAnother children’s geared toothpaste, which seemed to be a running streak in finding non-mint toothpastes. I didn’t do extensive research on what the actual difference in a “children’s” vs “adult’s” toothpaste. But I really do wish there were more non-natural (I feel terrible saying that, but the natural ones did not make my mouth feel clean at all) adult geared non-mint toothpastes!

Taste: While the flavor is supposed to be “orange mango” I mostly taste some sort of tutti-fruity/bubblegum flavor profile. Which I’m personally not a fan of.

Texture: I don’t super love the texture, it’s very pasty and gritty.

Convenience factor: I found this at Whole Foods, and honestly haven’t looked for it anywhere else. But I’m sure it’s probably at places that have more natural products available.

How clean does it make my mouth feel: 2/5 stars, not awesome.

For this, I have to give this one 2/5 stars as well. I was just generally not impressed. But you may be! Here’s a link to a pretty rad deal for a 3 pack from Amazon Prime for $11.37!

Next, my favorite, Crest Cinnamon!jen day09884WebListen, this isn’t one of the fluoride free or natural ones, but if you are looking for that, there are three options on this post for you that I hope you can love! It’s nothing fancy, and honestly not the one I thought was going to be my winner (I had my bets on Schmidt’s and the lemon flavored one!) but it’s the one I bought another tube of because it’s the one I’m using every day!

Taste: Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors! So I wasn’t too surprised that I liked this one. It is a bold flavor and I’m into it!

Texture: This one is kind of a mix of a paste-gel consistency. And I’m also about that life! It’s not too gritty and not too gooey.

Convenience Factor: I am pretty sure you could find this most anywhere (outside of the more natural geared grocery stores). Anywhere that carries Crest will most likely have this, making it super convenient.

How clean does it make my mouth feel: I’m gonna say 4/5 cause I don’t think there are any perfect ones for this honestly.

And even though I gave it a 4/5 stars for cleanliness, I’m giving this a 5/5 overall because I’m so pumped to finally have a toothpaste that I really like and don’t wanna throw on the ground because it makes me gag.

If you wanna try this, like I said, it’s pretty much everywhere. And for some reason it seems that buying everyday toothpaste online isn’t a super great idea because it’s hella expensive on Amazon. So check your local Walmart or Target!

Lastly, we have Red Seal’s lemon toothpaste!jen day09886WebThis is another that I was super hopeful for. I even put it on my Christmas wishlist! It didn’t win me over though.

Taste: This toothpaste reminds me of how tea works in my mind.. It smells so nice! But tastes like nothing. It smells like actual lemon, not artificial lemon. This one also is very nice for very nauseous days for me because of it’s lack of taste and nice subtle fresh smell.

Texture: I don’t have many complaints about this texture, but it is more paste-like.

Convenience Factor: This one was purchased on Amazon, and I’ve never seen it in a store here in NW Arkansas. But that’s not saying much honestly.

How clean does it make my mouth feel: This one joins the other more natural options with a 2/5 stars, because it just doesn’t make it feel very squeaky clean.

These things being said, I give it a 3/5 stars. This is mostly because it is nice for nausea days.

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here on Amazon for $11.53!

jen day09915Web

Thanks for having some fun with toothpaste with me today! I hope there is something here for you other mint-haters to love! Let me know if you find any others that you love! Am always open to suggestions on new ones to try!

One thought on “Non-Mint Toothpaste Reviews

  1. I am a fan of natural-ish toothpaste that DOES contain fluoride. I recommend Tom’s of Maine Cinnamon Clove fluoride toothpaste. I’ve only really found two fluoride flavors out there, like at health food stores and stuff, mint vs. cinnamon. so I use both, I alternate them depending on my mood. i think of it as incorporating aromatherapy into my hygiene regimen! I wish Tom’s of Maine came out with a fluoride version of their Fennel toothpaste, it tastes pleasant.


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