Photographing a Wedding & A Thank You to My Body

Hi! I wanted to take a quick break from Tubie Pad Features this week to share about a really cool thing my body helped me do a couple weekends ago! I got to photograph a wedding!Thompson Wedding-Paul8701Web

My friend Paul, who was my teammate in capturing this wedding, was really kind and took some shots of me (or shots I was accidentally in, ha!) so I thought I’d share those throughout this post, along with some of the photos I captured from the wedding day at the end!Thompson Wedding-Paul9534Web

If you know much about weddings, you know they’re pretty stressful. Add in being the photographer of a wedding, I’ll just be honest and say the stress is very high. Being all places at once, making sure to get all of the very important moments (which is honestly all of them, ha!) and just the general stress on your body to run around for an entire day, it’s a lot!

Then to add in that your body isn’t all that awesome at being reliable, it adds a whole other layer. You ask your things like, will I be able to keep up? Will my body let me get through this? And I am sure that if you deal with a chronic illness, I’m not telling you anything new! Big activities require lots of planning, attention, and a lot of hoping for a steady stream of adrenaline to pump you through!Thompson Wedding-Paul9017Web

I’m honestly having a hard time figuring out how to word what I am trying to say. I do not want to come off as one who believes that only thinking positively will magically make my body work to get through a big day. Because I do not. I believe that my body runs it’s own show for the most part.

But I also believe that there are things that I can do to help it work a little better to get though. Like the three days before this wedding day that I spent giving myself additional fluids (heck, I was running fluids the entire wedding day, and they were a saving grace. It was HOT!) I also spent them in bed a lot, while doing just enough activity to keep my stamina up. It’s a very fine line. And it is hard to navigate, and I 100% do not do the right things every time. But this time it worked out, and I felt relatively great the entire wedding!Thompson Wedding-Paul9477Web

So really, this is a Thank You post to my body. And my hope in sharing this with you, is to help you thank your body for the kind things it does for you too (even if it’s that it got through one more day to see the sun shine again.)

Thank you body, for getting me through that day. I’m not sure what I did, or you did, to feel that great, but I’m proud of you for it.

Thank you for letting me do one of my favorite things (if you notice, I am smiling in every single one of these photos of me taking photos), for some of my favorite humans, on their big day. It really means a lot to me that I can look back on that day as a day that I didn’t just have to push through the pain because I had committed to it (but I totally would have, and knew this was a possibility when I agreed to do this service for my friends.)Thompson Wedding-Paul9430Web

What are some things your body has allowed you to do that you were thankful for? Do you celebrate it? If so, how? I personally think it’s important to thank my body for the things it does rather than only be upset with it for the things it cannot do (this can be really easy to get stuck on though!) I’d love to hear your feelings on this!

Now I’ll share some of my favorite photos I captured of my gorgeous friends, Skyler and Phill!Thompson Wedding01931WebThompson Wedding01814WebThompson Wedding01226WebSkyler and Phill Wedding03020WebThompson Wedding01341WebThompson Wedding01386WebThompson Wedding01396WebThompson Wedding01464WebSkyler and Phill Wedding02114WebSkyler and Phill Wedding02087WebSkyler and Phill Wedding02882WebSkyler and Phill Wedding02973WebSkyler and Phill Wedding02977WebSkyler and Phill Wedding02946WebThompson Wedding03398WebThompson Wedding03362WebThompson Wedding03522WebThompson Wedding03528WebThompson Wedding03842Web

Thank you for celebrating this victory with me! And thank you for being here!

Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions for posts you think I might be able to speak on that would be helpful to you or anyone you know!

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