Tubie Pad Feature: Bella Madalyn

Hi friends!

I am so excited to be back with another Tubie Pad Maker Feature this week!With Carrie0751Web

Just as a reminder, here’s a breakdown of what I’ll be sharing!

  • My personal thoughts on the maker’s Tubie Pads.
  • A bit of the maker’s story.
  • The materials they use and special features that sets each of them apart to help you find the right fit for you.
  • Lots of photos to hopefully help you get a full picture of what you are purchasing (on a human, front, back, etc.)
  • Price and where to find the Tubie Pads.
  • Lots of other nuggets of info depending on what each maker chooses to share!

This week I’ll be sharing and will be hearing from my new friend, Kaitlin Metheny of Tennessee, who started Bella Madalyn! She sent me some super precious floral tubie pads! Look how cute! And she picked them out herself! IMG_4489

My Thoughts

I have really enjoyed these tubies! They are extra fluffy soft! Front side of mine is a soft cotton, and the back is so fluffy and feels so nice against my skin! I also really love the unique triangular shape in the center. Also that there isn’t raw stitching around the center (as I said last week, I feel it makes them a bit easier to clean, personally).

Speaking of cleaning, they’ve been laundering very nicely!

They also require no pulling of the fabric to fasten. The fastener naturally lays so that the tubie lays flat when fastened. With Carrie0748Web

I also love the colors she used. The different colored snap and stitching just make them so fun and cute!

Kaitlin is also just so dang sweet and easy to talk to. She was excited about this project from the get go, which is just always so nice to see! And I know she is open to custom orders as well!

Let’s jump on in and hear from the star of the Bella Madalyn show!


What pushed you to get your start in making tubie pads?

“My little man struggled to gain weight from 6 months old. In 2014, at 4 years old, he finally couldn’t keep up with his growing body and a feeding tube became necessary. Through this process, a sweet friend and tubie mentor introduced us to g-tube pads. Through the past 4 years we have come up with a style that we love and that lasts.”

If different from above, why do you make tubie pads for the tubie community?

“I enjoy making a fun product that brightens the day of my g-tube customers. They are practical, comfortable, and add personality to g-tubes and buttons. Most moms of special kids don’t have the time to spend on one more thing. Providing this service frees them up to spend time loving on their families. “IMG_4490

What materials do you choose to make your tubie pads with? Any specific reasons for why you choose the ones that you do?

“At Bella Madalyn we use super soft fleece as a foundation for our Bella Button G-tube Pads. The decorative layer varies. Usually cotton, or flannel. And they are finished with a KAMsnaps ® plastic boutique snaps.”

What is your favorite feature of your tubie pads specifically? What makes you stand apart?

“The softness is what I get the most feedback on from my customers.”

I’ve totally got to agree with this! They really are so soft! And I’m a big fan of softness!

With Carrie0738Web
Top side of a Bella Madalyn Tubie Pad. Cute floral cotton!
With Carrie0804Web
Bottom side of a Bella Madalyn Tubie Pad. Super soft fleece!

What is the best way to order pads from you?

“From my Etsy shop.”

You can also find Bella Madalyn on Instagram and Facebook! She does some fun giveaways, so go check her out!

How much are your tubie pads, and how are they sold (individually priced, sets, etc.)

“Most of my tubie pads are $3 each and generally come in sets of 3 or 4. Tubie Pads that have licensed characters usually cost a little more.

Domestic shipping is a flat $5 no matter how many sets are ordered.”

Send me a snap of a favorite tubie pad of yours that you’ve made that you’d love to personally wear if you had a tube yourself!

“The kid in me would totally wear Pinky Pie :)” IMG_4492

Just like it’s fun to see an artists studio, it would be so fun to show people where your pads are created!IMG_4488IMG_4491

Does Bella Madalyn’s name have a special story?

“When I first opened my Etsy shop, I was selling mostly crochet, and my girls were my little helpers. The name is a spinoff of their names. And Bella Button G-tube Pads fits so well because we are making buttons beautiful!” With Carrie0743Web

I am so glad I got the chance to test these tubie pads out! And it’s such an honor to be able to share my thoughts with you on them. I think they are an excellent choice for a comfy, soft, functional, cute, tubie pad! Feel free to get on Kaitlin’s Etsy shop and find your new favorite tubies!

Thanks so much for all you do for our community, Kaitlin!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out last week’s feature on TurkeyTot Customs as well!


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