Our Wedding Day!

Ding ding ding!  Wedding day picture and story time!

I have so been looking forward to writing this.  Any reason to go through the photos and flip through the memories in my head from this day is a good enough reason for me!

I left you all last week with our hospital engagement story.  As you might have assumed, there was a lot of planning that happened between then and our wedding day later that October.  But I’m just so excited to share about the actual day, that I’m skipping all of that for now!

The day started with us getting ready with our sweet friends.  Anthony and his friends got ready in a cabin that was on the lake we got married at.  While I got ready at the venue!  Anthony decided it would be silly to have the photographer with him because he was, “only going to take five minutes!”

Here are some shots of us getting ready that morning.  Just try your best to imagine the best mix of TLC, Shania Twain, and T-Pain songs playing in the background!

I made these “Team” shirts for us to wear!
I really took the “something blue” and ran with it. My shoes and petticoat were blue as well.


Me and Jordan making faces at each other in the mirror ❤
My sweet friends! Tiffany, Cale, and Jordan.
Rocking it in our “Team” shirts!
Petticoats: check!
My sweet friend Laura!

We had some serious fun that morning together!  Next came the dresses!  My dress was super special and handmade by a friend of mine named Gayla.  She tailored it to my every need, especially my tubes and my brand new Hickman I’d gotten not too long before the wedding.  My friend Tiffany learned how to tie the bow just right and was so helpful that morning!

The mandatory dress in the window picture!
Tiffany and my mama zipping up and tying my dress for me!
Me and my sweet mama!
It was so fun to see my friends from different times in my life become friends ❤

Meanwhile, my sweet man was out and all ready to go in his handsome suit!  I wrote him a note and gave him a handkerchief as a gift that he opened while we were still getting ready.

I love this photo of him so much!
Reading his card and opening his little gift.


Gah! So handsome.
Anthony and his sweet party! His brother, Christian. Best friend, Laura. And my brother, Carson.

Then I was finally put together and ready for some photos!

Putting my blue shoes on!


Love these humans so much.
I was so thrilled with how our homemade dried flower bouquets turned out! My mama and I made them!

Then it was finally time to see my man’s sweet face for the first time that day!  We did a first look with just us and the photographer for a bit!161022-etheridgewedding-0780161022-etheridgewedding-0833

This is my all time favorite photo from our wedding day!

Then some fun party photos!  It was SO dang sunny (I’m not complaining, but boy did it make photos tricky!)

My little brother!
Our little Lucy B. and Lucy S. flower girls!
Finally got to see and hug my dad!
We had a special moment in the dining room right before walking down the aisle together.

The room where the ceremony was happening was all ready!

Anthony and I made the big lighted circle out of branches and vine.
Each seat had a little write up of our story, who was standing by us during the wedding, and the order of events. Along with some Pez, and confetti!

Finally, it was getting married time!

Our friend Josiah played all of the music throughout our ceremony, it was beautiful!
Friends and family from all over came, and it was so much fun to see them!
First down the aisle came Anthony and his sweet mom, Gretta.
Spencer, our little ring bearer!
Those Lucy girls killing everyone with their cuteness!
Me and dad walking down the aisle, I’m clearly already bawling my eyes out.
Kiss on the cheek for dad!
Love this ❤

We started the ceremony by asking our friends and family to pass around our rings for a ring warming ceremony.  They were tied to a little embroidery hoop that I’d made.  It was so special to feel the love flowing into those rings from all of the special people in our lives.


Our pastors, Robb and Vanessa, did a fabulous job at making our ceremony so special.


Just smiling like fools in love the whole time ❤


It was time to say our vows we’d written for one another, and I cried all the cries.  Thank goodness for hankies.


For our unity ceremony, we decided to be extra us and make a PB&J sandwich together, then take a bite of it.  It was so special.  And got extra awkward when we realized we had picked a super long song to do that to, ha!


Then of course, the rings were exchanged after they’d gone around and been warmed by hands and thoughts of our friends and family.


Then we kissed!  And we were married!


Covered in confetti!

After we walked back down the aisle as happy as could be, we got to go outside to see all of our friends and family who had come in for the wedding!  It was so much fun to get to hug their necks and thank them for supporting us!


The high-five team!

Then it was time to eat!  We had a PB&J bar that we’d set up with TONS of different toppings, homemade stew that my sweet local friends made, and salad!


While we ate, some of our friends made the best speeches while my friend Scott emcee’d the whole reception like a total boss!

Scott, the boss emcee!
My dad welcoming and thanking everyone for being there!
My gal Jordan who came all the way from Lebanon (yes, like the country) to be my Maid of Honor!
My silly brother who later announced that there was absolutely nothing written on those papers! HA!
I was cracking up the entire time.
As was my sweet new husband!
Tiffany, my Matron of Honor raising a toast!
My Man of Honor, Cale raising a blue drank toast!
Then finally my closing words that were probably a bunch of mumbo jumbo and a thousand thank you’s to everyone who made it happen!

And then the dancing began!

I love this smile ❤
We were mostly laughing about how we definitely should have taken dance classes!


The first thing dad asked was, “You didn’t pick the world’s longest song, right?” HA!
It was so fun to twirl!

Next up, cake!  Now honestly, these cakes deserve their own dang blog post.  They are absolutely stunning!  My great friend Sam made them for us! 161022-etheridgewedding-1095161022-etheridgewedding-1059161022-etheridgewedding-1057161022-etheridgewedding-2232

There were so many special people who made it for our special day!  I just have a few photos I want to share of some of the many!

This is Nurse Pat, she was my home health nurse who has become one of my greatest friends!
This is my Aunt Pam! She’s known me since I was a tiny baby!
This is my 4th grade teacher (in the orange dress) and three of us who were in her class together!

The rest of the night, we spent dancing, eating, chatting, and being married!


It’s so true when they say that your wedding day goes by so quickly.  Which is why I’m so grateful to have these photos to remember all of the sweet details by!  I could re-live that day a thousand times and never get tired of it.  It was so full of love and fun. It was just so special and so Us.  I’m beyond thankful to have found my person, and being able to spend my life with him by my side.

A huge hank you to Michael Drager for these beautiful photos!  And another huge thank you to everyone who made this day happen in such an amazing way!

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing on this day with me!

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