Organization Station!

Let’s talk organization!

There are so many ways to organize the things in our lives, and it’s so nice to finally get to a place where you love the way your things are situated in your home.

When it comes to my TPN and tube supplies, I wouldn’t say I’m 100% satisfied with the way they are organized right now.  But I will say that I am much closer to liking the role they play in my living space than I have been in the past.

I used to have a tall set of plastic drawers in my room.  While it works, I am very picky about the aesthetic of my surroundings.  I didn’t love the constant reminder of the medical supply section in my room.  These might be a perfect solution to your organization though!  Or perhaps you have a big walk-in closet that the tower of drawers could fit into and still be hidden.  I’m unable to find the exact tower of drawers I had, but these are very similar.

I’d also love to share with you how I currently have my supplies set up.  They’re much more discrete and hidden so that they aren’t in my face all day every day.


First, I have two under the bed storage containers with the lids removed (for easier access) that hold most things that I don’t use on a daily basis, but regularly enough.  Things like bags of fluids, spare g and j tubes, extra alcohol swabs, leftover feeding bags that I might use one day, things like that!  They can be found here!

Hiding under the bed and out of the way!

Then in my bedside table, I have a couple of shelves that I use to store my more regularly used items.  On the middle shelf is a little basket I found in the Dollar Spot at Target that holds my little “kits” of daily TPN supplies.  I prep my “kit” bags on Wednesdays when I get my TPN shipment.  I use the baggies that my supplies come in (to be at least somewhat green, TPN use produces SO much waste.)

Top Shelf: daily supply “kits.” Bottom Shelf: dressing change supplies.

I put two saline flushes, a heparin flush, a 10 ml needle syringe for my vitamin additive, and the two C batteries for my pump, everything I need for my TPN set up!  This makes it SO easy at night to grab what I need and get my bag ready to go for the night.

What’s in a daily supply kit? Batteries, two saline syringes, one heparin, one 10ml syringe with a needle for vitamin additive. This varies from person to person!

In the little storage container on the lowest shelf is my dressing change supplies.  While these are generally only used weekly, I like having them there for easy access (because I hate dressing change days as it is, so I might as well make it as easy on myself as I can!)

What’s in my dressing change supply box? Alcohol swabs, dressing change kits with betadine swabs, sterile gloves, Cavilon skin prep, Mepore Film dressings, heparin and saline flushes, adhesive remover, extra face masks, sterile gauze, Silverlon disks, end caps, good grief, so many things!

Then, in the bathroom is my basket of things for showering and gauze for my tubes.  (I’ll be posting about my methods of making showering with lines as easy as possible soon!)  These items are used most frequently, so I like to have them as handy as they can be!  Since they’re in a cute little shelf, they don’t even bug me with their looks!

Bathroom shelf! 4×4 gauze, 2×2 split gauze, 60ml syringes, 10ml syringes, 6×8 Tegaderms, scissors, stoma wipes.

I hope that these ideas help you to see that you don’t have to have your room looking like a total hospital while you’re on TPN.  I know it can be so overwhelming to come up with new systems when this is all new.  It can even be hard to accept it as reality and make it a part of your home (I know I have dealt with this for sure!)  But just remember that your supplies are all there to help you live your best life, and be willing to give them the space they need in your home.

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