Our Engagement Story

I’m going to start this story with a little flashback to September of 2014 when I was in the hospital getting my G-tube placed.  Anthony had driven down from Fayetteville to Dallas to stay with me through some of my days in the hospital, and it was so kind of him to do that.  It was especially kind of him to deal with a girl who was on so many medications that she didn’t even know what was happening most of the time.  He really liked me I guess!

Anyway, long story short, one day not too long after receiving pain medication, I started crying because I had something I wanted to tell him.  After acting like a weirdo for a few minutes, I just blurted out, “I LOVE YOU OKAY!”

That’s the end of that part of the story.  It’s also good to note that this was my last long hospital stay until this engagement story begins.

Sixteen months passed (RECORD!) I had moved to Fayetteville with Anthony, and things had continued to progress between the two of us.

Hanging out in Dallas May 2015!
Swimming in August 2015 thanks to my DryPro!
Andy Warhol exhibit in August 2015!

Unfortunately, I ended up having to go to the ER and was admitted to the hospital on the night of January 15, 2016.  Later that evening, Anthony ran home to grab my hospital necessities (here’s a post on that!) and another little something I didn’t even know existed.

Of course, I was on drugs this time around too.  But I rememberer the big picture, and that’s that he pulled out a gorgeous ring made of an antique hat pin from the late 1800s with a precious little moonstone on top.  Laying in that hospital bed next to me, he asked me if I’d marry him and let us have another milestone of our love story in a hospital room again to make hospital memories less bad and more good.

IMG_4956 2
My precious ring.

Obviously I said yes!  I was so surprised and so excited that this sweet man had chosen me to be by his side for our forever.  It’s funny to know after the fact that he’d had that ring sitting in a box on top of our bathroom cabinet for months!  He told me he was just waiting for the right moment.  And while it’s not traditional or fancy, I think he chose so beautifully for us.

Unfortunately this is the only photo from the night we got engaged, ha!

Here are some engagement photos taken several months later by the amazing Michael Drager at one of our favorite spots in Fayetteville, Maxine’s Taproom! He can be found at @drager on Instagram!

160727-Lauren-Anthony-0444160727-Lauren-Anthony-0433160727-Lauren-Anthony-0200-2160727-Lauren-Anthony-0122There’s really not much more to tell, I just think it’s a really sweet story that I wanted to share here.  Next week I’ll be sharing our wedding story, so I wanted to start with this part!

Do you have a fun engagement story that might be a little out of the box?  I’d love to hear it!


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